Friday, February 09, 2007


I have been, I guess, concentrating on aliens, implants, Lemmy, and other trivia for the last week or so, since in the real and deadly world, our elected representatives are so self-seeking scum-happy they devote time we don’t have to politically positioning themselves, via the minutiae of congressional procedure, and advancing their ’08 re-election agendas, while the killing and maiming goes on regardless, (and the mystery of the 363 tons of cash that went missing), and meanwhile we’re effectively distracted by pampered and possibly homicidal love-bugged astronauts. Aside from the horrendous civilian casualties, The New York Times suggests that the insurgents have evolved some painfully simple measures to take US military and contract merc choppers into Black Hawk Down reruns…
“Some aspects of the recent crashes indicate that insurgents have become smarter about anticipating American flight patterns and finding ways to use old weapons to down helicopters, according to military and witness reports. The aircraft, many of which are equipped with sophisticated antimissile technology, still can be vulnerable to more conventional weapons fired from the ground.”
And then Anna Nicole Smith drops dead as Elvis and I can’t help but wonder if one or more of her lawyer-manager-sleazeball-courtiers took a posture of by-any-means-necessary-with-extreme-prejudice and whacked the poor girl’s pathetic and confused ass. I mean, she’s stumbling Dairy Queen, OxyContin wreckage with a legal umbilical to around $100 million and – really – how hard would it be? You’d only have to leave enough dope in the plain sight and she’d do the rest herself. Right there in her suite at the Hardrock Casino. (And I’ve learned the hard way whereof I speak.)

All of which tends to push me in the direction of…

Village residents from the Rostov region of Russia caught a weird creature two weeks ago after a strong storm in the Sea of Azov. The shark-looking creature was producing strange squeaky sounds. The fishermen originally believed that they had caught an alien and decided to film the monster with the help of a cell phone camera. The footage clearly shows the creatures’ head, body and long tail. The bizarre catch was weighing almost 100 kilograms, the Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. (Supplied by Sabrina who must read Pravda)

And meanwhile our pal Christopher Rowley has two new chapters up on his online novel. Hit the link on the left and then click SF and then “Netherworld.”

Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Anna Nicole dropped dead, did she?”

And in the current LA CityBeat I am concerned about the spatial machinations of Gaius Baltar and Arianna Huffington.


No, not that future. The other future. The nasty, real, here and now, future as sent over by our wonderful but pessimistic pal aeswiren…
"Amal has two RFID implants, one in each hand. His left hand contains a 3mm by 13mm EM4102 glass RFID tag that was implanted by a cosmetic surgeon using a scalpel to make a very small cut, into which the implant was placed. His right hand contains a 2mm by 12mm Philips HITAG 2048 S implant with crypto-security features and 255 bytes of read/write memory storage space. It was implanted by a family doctor using an Avid injector kit like the ones used on pets. He can access his front door, car door, and log into his computer using his implants." And this idiot thinks the whole idea is cool? For pics and a whole lot more on the subject.

The secret word is HAL

CRYPTIQUEPrince or Snickers?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today a letter arrived from England, and, when I opened it, it turned out to be from Boss Goodman. For those of you who aren’t already aware, Boss was major player in many of our adventures over the years, from The Deviants, to The Pink Fairies, to Phun City, to Dingwalls Dance Hall, to the Town & Country club, to lumberjack pie, to the night be cooked dinner for Bill Clinton. Last spring he suffered a left-brain stroke and has been struggling to regain some degree of normality ever since. The picture above is of Boss and me in our revolutionary days prior to storming the David Frost Show.

The note, that is a major step forward, read…

I’m making of it what I can, but as an offering to Boss, here are some clips of Gene Vincent that MrMR sent over.

The secret word is Endurance