Thursday, December 11, 2003

Channel 2 has just told me that scientists have discovered a gene in worms that makes them pre-disposed to drunkenness. Of course, they didn’t tell me what scientists or where, or any details about the worms, but it does leave me thinking the following...
1. My lifelong drinking isn't my fault. It’s in my genes.
2. I’m keeping a watchful eye out for drunken worms.

Monday, December 08, 2003

The following clip comes from the desk of the mighty Henry Cabot Beck. I suppose we should be happy its all going on in Germany, and not in Nebraska. Meanwhile, back at home, the nation supposedly has it's underwear bunched because John Kerry said fuck in and interview with Rolling Stone. I fact, Kerry declared that Bush "fucked up". Seems succinct. Although I continue to wonder what reality we are all attempting to grasp.

KASSEL, Germany (AFP) - A self-declared cannibal told a German court in chilling detail how he killed and ate a man he says consented to be dissected and consumed in front of a running video camera. In matter-of-fact tones in front of a hushed court Wednesday, Armin Meiwes explained how an obsession with cannibalism developed as a child and eventually led him to kill and eat a fellow human being.
"I had the fantasy, and in the end I fulfilled it," he said.
He had the chance to kill and feast on other apparently willing victims, he added, saying "hundreds and thousands are out there looking to be eaten," but passed up the opportunity because they were not the right type.
The macabre case is unprecedented in German legal history. Meiwes, a 42-year-old computer technician who says he regrets what he did, admits killing, but insists it was not murder as he was only doing what he had been asked. Testifying on the opening day of his trial for murder, he said his fantasy began between the ages of eight and 12, when he would imagine killing, carving up and eating schoolfriends he liked. Meiwes, dressed smartly in a dark jacket and tie, said he felt lonely as a child after his father and two older brothers abandoned the family. He longed for a younger brother. "But then I realised one day that was not enough." He soon began imagining a friend he could keep for ever by consuming him.
"Slim and blond, that would have been the type," he said.
It also aroused him sexually, Meiwes admitted, although he denied that sex was linked to the alleged murder. "I didn't want to have sex with the partner I chose to slaughter. That had nothing to do with it."
Horror films and seeing animals slaughtered fuelled his imagination. Cannibalism is not a crime under German law. Meiwes is charged with murder for the purposes of sexual satisfaction and "disturbing the peace of the dead" for carving up the body. State prosecutor Marcus Koehler claimed Meiwes had always intended to kill and that he took advantage of a mental disorder in the dead man, Bernd Juergen Brandes.
If convicted, he faces life in prison. A verdict is due early next year.
Defence lawyers say Meiwes is guilty at worst of "killing on demand," which is punishable by up to five years in jail. Meiwes, who has admitted killing, said he contacted Brandes, a 43-year-old Berlin engineer, after advertising via the Internet for someone willing to be eaten. The whole scenario was recorded on video, reportedly by mutual agreement. Brandes travelled to his house in Rotenburg, near Kassel, after settling up his personal affairs. At one point he demurred but was persuaded to carry on, the prosecution said. After Brandes downed sleeping tablets and whisky, Meiwes cut off Brandes' penis which they planned to eat together, but found that due to its consistency, it was inedible "even when fried."
After a while Brandes became unconscious. "Spurred by sexual motives," said Koehler, Meiwes laid him on a bench, stabbed him and hung his body from a hook in the ceiling of his kitchen. The accused said he kissed his "friend" first, "then I did it."
He dissected the corpse, slicing off 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of the flesh which he stored in a freezer. He later ate two-thirds of it. "With every bite, my memory of him grew stronger."
The case did not emerge until an Austrian student spotted another Internet advertisement by Meiwes and alerted police. Officers who examined a mass of computer equipment and videos found at his home tapped into a hitherto hidden cannibal scene. Meiwes said he later met five other people who had also offered themselves via the Internet. One wanted to be beheaded, but Meiwes did not like him and thought him too fat. Another backed out when the accused told him, "if you come here, you have to realise that it will be for the last time."

“It’s the fear of what comes after the doing that makes the doing so hard to do.” -- Tony Kushner

Before the fact, I wrote a longish bit for LA CityBeat on Angels In America, but that was from the advance HBO DVDs. When I planted myself on the couch to watch the real deal earlier, I discovered that, for the first twenty minutes some vicious junkie homophobe at cable central was messing with the sound levels. Wassup with that?