Tuesday, July 26, 2011


He is the unctuous network TV 12-step fascist who attempts to cure fucking-up minor celebs live on TV. Our pal James St. James says it all on World Of Wonder. (Although I do recall some lines I once wrote – “I’ve heard that twelve steps can lead to salvation/But I also recall that one more/Will take you to the gallows.")

“I am so sick of Dr Drew hovering around damaged celebrities like the goddamn Angel of Death, waiting for them to screw up so he can get some air time on Extra! Amy Winehouse had been dead for all of 10 minutes before he was EVERYWHERE, spouting those generic platitudes of his and acting like he had the answers that could have saved her. "Well, I think..." BITCH, YOU DIDN'T KNOW AMY. You don't get to THINK anything. Leave her alone. Let her rest in peace for A DAY – AT THE VERY LEAST – before you start camera whoring in her name. I get that he's the "go-to" guy for the media on all matters of celebrity dysfunction, but to me he's like one of those cats in the nursing home who shows up at your bed right before you die. He's creepy and smug and pompous and just plain awful. He has to go. He makes me long for the golden days of Dr Joyce Brothers' comforting ubiquity. Even Dr Ruth press whored in a more pleasant way than this guy. He is THE WORST.”

Click here for Amy on Letterman

The secret word is Vulture


Your driver said...

Chairman Mick, As a hypnotized 12 step zombie who has lost all sense of self and surrendered all independent thought to the anonymous mind control cult, I can assure that anyone who claims to be representing the 12 steps or any anonymous group associated with them is, by definition, a fucking fraud. Truth is that all of the various groups ending in A are composed of anonymous amateurs. People who share a common problem and seek a common solution. There are no leaders. There are no professionals. There is no money. I have hung around people professing to be anarchists since my teens. The closest thing I've seen to pure anarchy is a good 12 step group. It's true, you can go to meetings of some 12 step groups and hear some incredibly stupid things being said. That's because anybody is welcome, no one can be denied membership and anyone can say whatever he wants. Even if he's an idiot and a fool.
Speaking only for myself, 19 years ago I was clinging to a shotgun, hallucinating rather vividly and drinking myself to a lonesome and early death. Fate in the form of the crazy girl I was living with intervened and I was introduced to a group of people, many of them almost as crazy as me, who had found a way out of the madness that had engulfed me. They came from all kinds of backgrounds, professed all kinds of beliefs. The only thing they agreed on was a simple plan that included helping other people who suffered from their condition.
19 years later, is my life without problems? Of course not. This is life, not Candyland. I can say that my life means something to me, that I care deeply about the people around me, that I am curious and eager to see what life will throw at me next.
Comrade, I know a fuck of a lot dead people. Many of them were smarter, more talented and better looking than me. I don't envy them even though I still love a lot of them.
Amy Winehouse was more talented than most of the dead people I know but she died about the same as the rest of them. Truth is that there are also a lot of famous and talented people in 12 step groups. You don't know about them. You're not supposed to. I've met plenty of them. When they come into "the rooms" as we call them, they're exactly the same as the newest fuck-up loser to crawl through the door.
I'm not saying the 12 steps work for everyone. I don't actually know everyone. We haven't been introduced. They worked pretty good for me.

Mick said...

Hey Jon, if it worked for you, I stand corrected. Characters like Pinsky pimping salvation on TV are what worry me.

Fast Film said...

Your valuable blog spawned one of the best comments ever with Jon
checking in. People indeed can learn to save their own lives. Me, I blame Amy's minders (and the rest of the micromanaging idiots in the music biz) for ignoring reality. As usual.

Aleleeinn said...

When the tour got cancelled. She was at very high risk. The only good thing in her life was gone. How could anyone even vaguely close to her miss that.
No one close to her has a shred of an excuse.